EMDR Consultation

We are two EMDRIA certified clinicians and Consultants in Training (CIT) who are working toward becoming Approved Consultants in EMDR.  We both currently work in community mental health settings and have been collaborating with each other, hyping each other up, enabling each other’s plushie addiction, and indulging in therapy and psychology nerdiness over the past few years.  Our mentor has referred to us as her therapy twins.  We will be starting consultation groups in March and have evening and weekend availability.

A general consultation group will start on March 26, 2023 and will run every fourth Sunday from 10:00 – 11:30 AM PT.

Our groups will meet virtually via Google Meet.

Christie Barnett

LMFT #120025, LPCC #8969, RYT200

Greetings! I am a LMFT and LPCC in CA. I am a NCC, CCMHC, and SE Practitioner (SEP™) with Somatic Experiencing International.  I believe in the integration of mind and body healing. The darkness and lightness in our lives can guide us on a path of growth, change, and hope. I integrate EMDR and somatic therapy during sessions with clients I have the honor of working with. Consultation can be a place of learning, understanding, and exploring where to go next. I look forward to embracing strength, curiosity, and empowerment during your experience. I currently work in a community mental health clinic as a therapist, individual mentor, and group mentor for unlicensed clinicians. My own personal experiences with EMDR and SE have impacted my life. My hope is trauma therapy can assist you and your clients’ healing journey. My desire to grow using somatic therapy allowed me to cross paths with Marc 4 years ago.  I appreciate cat cuddles, yoga, and nature.  Areas of focus: Complex trauma, PTSD, depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, and psychosis.

Marc C Antonio

LMFT #124951

I was trained in 2019/2020 through EMDR HAP and have been practicing and learning how to adapt EMDR for different client concerns.  I like to take a nerdy/geeky, creative, and collaborative approach with the clients I work with.  I integrate DBT mindfulness skills, somatic resourcing, and incorporate the lens of structural dissociation into my work with clients who present with complex trauma.  I enjoy thinking out of the box and embrace the chaos of hot mess therapy when working with clients.  My goal as an EMDR Consultant in Training is to collaborate with you on finding the balance between your inherent creativity and the structure of EMDR therapy.  I have a small army of cats, an often neglected love for gaming, and dabble in other areas of creative chaos such as cooking, writing, and doodling.  Areas of focus:  Complex trauma, PTSD, attachment, anxiety disorders, depressive disorders, borderline personality disorder, and psychosis.

Geek Therapists Consultation Group

We are a bunch of nerds and geeks who love to geek out on therapy stuffs and incorporate pop culture and our fandoms into the therapy space.  We love using our combined creativity to use our fandoms as teachable moments and as a means to deliver and translate our psychology speak into geek speak.   We meet over Zoom every first Saturday of the month from 10:00 – 11:30 AM PT.  There is no charge for this group but seating is limited.